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In essence, naturism is a lifestyle enjoyed without clothing. But it can get a little more complex, as naturism means different things to different people. There are some people who like to go nude 24/7, or as much as possible, whatever the weather. Some like to be social, some are more solitary. For most naturists in the UK, going without clothes is something that is enjoyed when it is appropriate and natural to do so, be that around the house, in a secluded garden, on a naturist beach, or at a naturist club, spa or resort. For many naturists, going nude is accompanied by a greater attention to healthy living and being in harmony with the natural environment. At Rivendell, we are 100% clothing optional which means you can drees as you please from nude to completely clothed and anywhere in between.
Once you are among like-minded company, you will soon find that, although we are all different, we are all the same too in that very few of us are perfect. Lumps, bumps, wrinkles and scars are what make us normal human beings, and naturism is all about body acceptance. Far from feeling self-conscious, if you join in you will almost certainly forget your hang-ups in no time. In fact, if you’re the only one who’s dressed, you may feel even more left out. Young, old, fat, thin – it really doesn’t matter. However, if going naked among friends makes you think more about how you could look and feel healthier, then this too is a good thing – but it must be for yourself, and not to please others.
No, you will not be expected to strip off, but be aware there will be people naked, but for your comfort we provide a sarong or dressing gown for you to wear if you wish.
As naturism is about removing your clothes, it is one of the cheapest pursuits there is. However, there is one essential accessory – and that is a towel or sarong. You must always sit on a towel.
No, it has nothing to do with sex. Being a nudist is being accepting of your body including the freedom and the feeling you get from not having to be concerned with the body perfect image, which society enforces on us. Being without clothing is not inherently sexy. Being without clothes allows us to feel better about others and ourselves. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated, if you feel a person’s conduct makes you feel uncomfortable please tell a staff member.

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